The World
And I
Two thousand 2 1/4" photos on two 93"X103" panels. Installation View. 1996

My first installation paired the large(9' tall) Identity-Place piece, in which my face is made up of small images of the house and environment I grew up in, together with an inverse companion piece: a snapshot of the house I grew up in, constructed of images of me. The construction of "self" is here posited as reflexive to, and inextricably bound with the construction of "reality." The face is hung opposite the image of the house, at a distance of 15-20 feet. The face ("self") is made up of (over 2,000) images of place, including the image of the house hung opposite. The house ("world") is made of images of "self" (including the face). In these reciprocal images the subject/composite relationship is inverted from one to the other. Hung as they are, it is impossible to see both images fully at the same time. As one falls apart, the other coalesces. The experience of each organizes and is organized by the other. These images thus form a self-contained, mirroring world. Hung over a polished surface, their reflections commingle in the space between. The viewer, confronted with the task of sense-making, of moving between different orders of comprehension, engages in a dance of shifting perspectives. The title of the installation, "Mobius: The World and I," implies an illusoriness to the distinction between these two "surfaces." "The World and I" construct each other and together form a enclosed and inseparable experience. Facing each other over a water-like surface in a darkened room, the effect was both theatrical and contemplative.

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